Projects and Achievements

Ancora of Hope runs activities in the following areas:

Literacy & Education, Skills training and Community Outreach

1. Educational Projects:


Ancora Education Center (AEC)

An educational center where all children are welcome for educational activities irrespective of their physical or social background for support and care. Also, as a centre where special attention is given to children and women for after school and trainings activities in the community.

Adult Literacy Programme

The Adult Literacy Programme is an educative programme which is providing literacy and numeric activities to adults within the Kwahu West Municipality, targeting a community at a time. Currently we are helping the adults of Kwamang who by one reason or the other were unable to attend school by giving them the chance to read and write English and their native language as well as basic calculations.

A typical session of the Adult Literacy Programme

Street Corner Education Program

The Street Corner Education Program is a special program run by Ancora of Hope volunteers to provide education to the poor and the needy by sending education to their door step and selected places within the community to guarantee every child the right of quality education. At the moment about 200 children are our direct beneficiaries from this programme.

A typical session of a Street corner Education lesson

We are getting excellent feedback from some of the children who passed through our Street Corner Education. Our report indicates that most of these children are now attaining first class at a regular school.

 Futher projects:

  • Full-time classes for out of school children (Street Corner Education)
  • Part-time classes for working children
  • Rehabilitation for children with disabilities
  • Financial orientation for single parents
  • Part-time classes for adults (adult education)
  • Basic to advance computer studies (IT learning)


2. Skill Training


ANCHOR runs different skill training sessions to give self-employment opportunities to both women and young girls to take destiny to their own hands and acquire skills. The skill training sessions variate from hairstyling, dressmaking, bead making, catering and events decoration

Empowering Young Women Through Soap Making

This is a long-term project aimed at improving the economic competencies of disadvantaged young women (15-30) providing them with a sense of self-worth and with the opportunity to experience a full range of life options through this employable programme, literacy and training. Currently, five women are participating in this project.

3. Community Outreach


ANCHOR operates an outreach session to provide socio-economical, psychological and physical assistance to less privileged people in the society. ANCHOR organizes financial orientation, seminars and house to house counseling to poor families. Also, single parents are reached to discuss social issues and rehabilitation is given for all kind of disabled, aged and rejected people. Further health education and safe environmental practices are given for the improvement of the selected communities.

Outreach School Material Support

Outreach School Material Support is a project specially designed to stream the whole municipality to identify children who by lack of school materials they have been dropped out. Our outreach team, which comprise of voluntary social workers, educate parents of such children on the need of their children to be in school. Our organization, in collaboration with donors help provide the necessary material such us school uniforms, shoes, bags, books, pens and pencils, to enable this children be in school.

Esther receiving a school bag and uniform to enable her to go to school
thank u donors
A group of children receiving school materials

Educational materials

Outreach Eye Screening

The Outreach Eye Screening Program is a program championing the eradication of needless glaucoma and the occurrence of other future sight defects affecting vulnerable children and youth. This program also helps provide both lenses and medications for school children who can not afford the cost to visit specialists.

Children undergoing sight screening

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