ANCHOR welcomes volunteers from all angles to support and access the improvement of the organization itself.

Do you want to get a volunteer experience? Do you like to work with children? Are you looking for a personal challenge? Are you ready to take action? If so, Ancora of Hope Organization (ANCHOR) will be a good place for you!

It is our first priority to make your stay as pleasant as possible. We also want you to feel safe and welcomed. That’s why we offer you a stay in a host family. From the start you will be supported by us regarding questions such as: Which flight should I book? How can I get the visa? Which vaccinations should I get? Which clothes should I bring?

We also support you with an airport pickup for your first day when you land in Accra. This pick up service will bring you to a hotel which is very close to the airport. There you can spend the first night and get some rest. The next day we will pick you up from Accra to take the bus which will take you to Nkawkaw which is approximately 3 hours away. It is a big city with  beautiful nature and nice People. You will feel welcomed from the start!

In the days after your arrival you will get a bus tour guided by us through the area and introductory seminars on Ghana’s history and culture. If you have booked a language course, we will also start to teach you the local language. After three days you will get to know your projects and the kids and we will explain your tasks.

The third weekend we will do a tour to the beach, the famous waterfalls or any other destination that is within 4 hours of the area. Our volunteers always tell us that within a few days they already start to feel at ease with the new culture and climate. They also enjoy their freedom and responsibilities within the projects. When you’re with Ancora of Hope, we and the community don’t see you as a tourist – you are a part of our team. That’s what makes us different from big NGOs. Many of our volunteers come back twice or even more often and we establish Long lasting friendships. 

What we offer:

  • Trainings in social and development work
  • Cultural trainings
  • Twi-classes to learn the local language
  • Weekend trips for you to get to know the country
  • A unique experience in a host family where you will learn about the traditional way of living in Ghana
  • Help with anything regarding the VISA, finding a flight, booking your hotel for the first night (you will have to pay for it yourself but we will arrange everything so that you can get there safely), pick up from the Airport
  • A hotline you can call if you have any questions regarding your preparation (vaccinations, clothing, mosquito spray, ensurance etc.)

Practical Information:

  •  The Kids would like to really get to know you, so we prefer applications of volunteers who will be available for one month or longer
  •  You don’t pay anything to volunteer with ANCHOR (donations are always welcome 🙂 )
  •  You pay for your stay at the host family (around 50 Euro a month, excl. Food)
  •  You pay for your own Food

We hope you are interested and hear from you! For more information about the application procedure or the organization itself, please contact us at: ancoraofhope@gmail.com


What other volunteers say:



“At first, I was very scared to go to Ghana on my own. I just finished school and wanted to find a way to explore the world. My parents worried a lot but once I arrived, I realized that many of the stereotypes in Germany that we have about Africa are simply not true. Ghana is a very safe country and especially with the help of Emmanuel and Laura I can really say that Ghana is a country that you can travel to even alone as a woman. My stay at Ancora of Hope in Nkawkaw was an amazing & unforgettable experience! Although at first I had to get used to the new culture, Emmanuel and Laura made it soo easy for me. People in Ghana are very open-minded and friendly. Ancora of Hope has a variety of different projects. At the time when I was there I got to know their project in which they provided glasses to kids who before the project could not read what was on the board. I think this project really helped them become better at school.
I volunteered with another organisation in Accra before, but what is special about Ancora is that they are a smaller NGO and they really take the time to help you feel at home. It is also a very special experience to live in a host family. If you stay with Ancora, you don’t just go to Ghana as a tourist – you become a part of their friends and family and the culture.”

 If you would like to contact other volunteers before your stay, we will provide the contact details.

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