Goals & Objectives


  • To improve quality education to the maximum reachable beneficiaries 

  • Care for aged and people with disabilities

  • Education on women health and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

  • To get all the disadvantage people socially involved

  • To give support to single parents and orphans


  • To improve the quality of education and infrastructures within underprivileged communities

  • To educate at least 700 children by the end of 2018

  • To organize routine health awareness seminars on health related issues such as women health, STIs, common tropical diseases, first aid tutorials and screenings.

Visiting Children



  • Creating new positive mindset by tearing down all stereotypes;

  • Giving opportunities to all generation to improve their knowledge through better education;

  • Help virtuous people to exhibit their talents;

  • To reduce any kind of discriminations among individuals;

  • To eradicate all negative conservatism among societies.


  • To give formal and informal education to all;

  • To guarantee fundamental rights;

  • To operate in the needy communities, both rural and urban (health care, education and skill training);

  • To fight against domestic violence of any kind.


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