Outreach Eyes Screening #3

Many thanks to Lions Club Pieve di Soligo (TV) for providing our needy children with the lenses to enable them see better and combat future occurrences of sight defect. #bigthankyoufromourcommunity

Here you have some of the pictures made during the distribution of the lenses

Promoting girl child education

The issues women and girls face stretch far and wide across the globe, and progress can often feel slow when the numbers of oppressed women and girls are so high.

Sex trafficking, gender-based violence, maternal mortality, forced prostitution and early child marriage, how do we combat these issues? One of the most effective ways is education.

Currently one in five eligible girls worldwide are not attending school, this is unacceptable. we need to make sure that every girl has access to affordable education. Schooling is not just a solution for girls, but also for communities as well. Through education girls are less vulnerable to trafficking, turn to have fewer children and gain greater access to job market. Some of the actions we ca take to promote global education are simple: we can provide school uniforms or supply school shoes, text books, exercise books or even provide financial incentives to families in exchange for students regular attendance.

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Marfo Victoria Konadu, one of our beneficiaries who have just got an admission to a Senior High School #nkawkawseniorhighschool #moregirlstogo #sponsoragirlchild #donatenow

Outreach Eyes Screening #1

Project Title: Screening visivo per 200 bambini della scuola di Nkawkaw in Ghana

Partners: Lions Club Pieve di Soligo (TV)


Since September 2015 Ancora of Hope Organization in partnership with Lions Club Pieve di Soligo (TV) are working on a sight-screening project reaching at least 200 children. The project aim at championing the eradication of various early sight defect which can be corrected with the use of lenses.

Project Activities:

Phase 1: Pre-screening activities, a screening to identify children positive to sight defect

Imagine showing the activities done during the phase 1. Soon updated on the following phases, stay tuned!










Getting excellent feedbacks

Some of the children who passed through our Street Corner Education Program are getting first class at regular school. More children need to be educated #supportachildseducationtoday #yourdonationcounts

Alcuni dei bambini che sono passati per il nostro programma di Street Corner Education sono tra i migliori della classe a scuola. Altri bambini hanno ancora bisogno di essere educati #yourdonationcounts #supportachildseducationtoday


Meet from left Irene, Princess and Esther

Da sinistra Irene, Princess e Esther

Save the Children

Rural-urban migration is one of the major factors leading to the increment of street children in our communities today due to lack of employment and skill training in our rural areas.

Team with Ancora of Hope Organization today by provision of a sustainable skill training program to create empowerment to women and youth to enable them to fend for themselves and their children through education, healthcare and good nutritional meal.

La migrazione rurale-urbana è uno dei principali fattori che oggi determinano l’aumento dei bambini di strada a causa della disoccupazione e la mancanza di formazione nelle aree rurali.

Unisciti oggi ad Ancora of Hope Organization per garantire un programma di formazione sostenibile e creare empowerment per le donne e i giovani per consentire di badare a loro stessi e ai loro bambini attraverso educazione, salute e una corretta alimentazione.


Ongoing fundraising!

We can still make it to the goal for the project to make a SCHOOL for 200 STREET CHILDREN in Ghana Come on! Also a small donation will bring your contribution to this project!

Ce la facciamo ancora a raggiungere l’obiettivo per il progetto di fare una SCUOLA per 200 BAMBINI DI STRADA in Ghana Forza! Anche se piccola la donazione porterà il tuo contributo a questo progetto!

Help us! Aiutateci!

Every cents count to help us in reaching the goal and “Build a School for 200 Street Children in Ghana”. You can make your donation here and contribute to their right to education till 27th March 2015 00.00 AM EDT.

say Bankye!