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Save the Children

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Rural-urban migration is one of the major factors leading to the increment of street children in our communities today due to lack of employment and skill training in our rural areas.

Team with Ancora of Hope Organization today by provision of a sustainable skill training program to create empowerment to women and youth to enable them to fend for themselves and their children through education, healthcare and good nutritional meal.

La migrazione rurale-urbana Γ¨ uno dei principali fattori che oggi determinano l’aumento dei bambini di strada a causa della disoccupazione e la mancanza di formazione nelle aree rurali.

Unisciti oggi ad Ancora of Hope Organization per garantire un programma di formazione sostenibile e creare empowerment per le donne e i giovani per consentire di badare a loro stessi e ai loro bambini attraverso educazione, salute e una corretta alimentazione.



Author: ancoraofhope

Ancora of Hope Organization (ANCHOR) is a local NGO which thinks globally. It was established by an Italian and a Ghanaian representatives with the aim of working to improve the life of beneficiaries in very poor communities through accessible education, hygiene and health care seminars, economic orientation, teaching of civic practices and developing of positive new mindset to make our humble society fit for living.

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