Ancora of Hope Organization – ANCHOR


Thank you-grazie-merci-gracias-شكرا

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Thanks everyone for the educational materials support

 Grazie a tutti per il materiale scolastico

Merci à tous pour le soutien avec les matériels éducatifs

Gracias a todos por el apoyo con materiales educativos

شكرا للجميع على الدعم مع المواد التعليمية

Educational materials thank u donors say Bankye! in the school


Author: ancoraofhope

Ancora of Hope Organization (ANCHOR) is a local NGO which thinks globally. It was established by an Italian and a Ghanaian representatives with the aim of working to improve the life of beneficiaries in very poor communities through accessible education, hygiene and health care seminars, economic orientation, teaching of civic practices and developing of positive new mindset to make our humble society fit for living.

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